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My practice focuses primarily on the zealous defense of persons charged with crimes in Hays County and the adjoining Central Texas counties. I reside in San Marcos and have practiced criminal defense in Hays County beginning the first day I was sworn in to practice law in 1997. Unlike a number of other criminal defense attorneys, I have never been a prosecutor – and then switched sides - when it was convenient for me to do so. I have been, and will always be, committed to the defense of persons charged with crimes. Having lived and practiced criminal defense here for so long, I am very familiar with the personnel at the courthouse, the jail, and the law enforcement agencies and can guide the defendant through a justice system that can be intimidating and confusing. In addition, my legal assistant of ten years has extensive work experience with the City of San Marcos, the San Marcos Police Department, and the District Attorney’s Office, and she has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and common sense that greatly assists me in providing a vigorous defense for the accused.

In many cases, I represent TSU or UT students charged with crimes. Often times those charges relate to alcohol or drugs, and my practice focuses on defending those types of cases. Primarily those are DWI cases, drug cases, and alcohol charges under the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code. In many instances, university discipline is associated with the charge, and I am familiar with the process and can assist the client in dealing with the school.

I am also committed to helping the accused restore their reputation after being unfairly charged with a crime. Unfortunately, when your case is dismissed, there is no office you can go to “to get your reputation back.” However, unlike many other attorneys who look for shortcuts and an easy buck using form or “boilerplate” expunction pleadings, I have extensive experience – and a sharp legal assistant - to follow through on the aggressive expunction of all criminal records and computer references to your arrest and can assist you with that should you be fortunate enough to get your case dismissed.

If you are charged with a crime, it is always free – and confidential - to come and visit with me about your case. After you visit with me, I encourage you to go talk to other lawyers – and then hire the one you are most comfortable with. While I may not be the least expensive lawyer for hire, I do aim to be the best value for your money. In my experience, seldom is the best lawyer the cheapest one; likewise, the most expensive one is not necessarily the best. There is no doubt that being charged with a crime is a financial burden. I offer convenient payment plans to help you cope with that burden.

Finally, note there are a number of firms that aggressively market their DWI defense on the internet, radio, newspaper and TV. With that advertising comes a volume of business (and extraordinary attorney fee to cover advertising) that the so-called “DWI specialist” cannot personally handle, and those cases often times are handled by inexperienced associates. When you hire me as your lawyer – you get me, as your lawyer. If you call my office, it is not uncommon to find me answering the phone call.

On my website you won’t see exaggerated claims that give persons charged with a crime unrealistic expectations that you may see elsewhere. What you can see is this: a way to find out my (and anyone else’s) track record. You can also see to what degree any lawyer is experienced in representing people in Hays County. Of course, what happened in someone else’s case is no guarantee of what will happen in yours, but it is something to consider.

Simply search Hays County records on-line.

Go to:

Click on “Criminal Case Records”

Search by “Attorney”

Enter my Name or State Bar of Texas # 24001680.

Make sure you click on “Closed” for “Case Status”

Limit your search by typing in the “Date Filed” box (the first box) a limitation like “01/01/2010” (otherwise you will get way too many results and old information) – although you can search back over many years if you wish.

Scroll down (note that felonies and DA declined cases are at the bottom) for the results. Keep in mind that if a dismissed case is more than two years old, you are not likely to see it, because it has been EXPUNGED. If you want to know why you have to wait two years to get your reputation back after your case is dismissed, you can read this questionable opinion from the Texas Supreme Court interpreting the Texas Legislature’s poorly written expunction statute.



· Bachelor of the Arts, Biology and minor in Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin (1993)
· Juris Doctor, South Texas College of Law (1997)
· Licensed to practice by the Texas Supreme Court (1997)

· Member, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
· Member, Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
· Member, Hays County Bar Association


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